for good measure by Wanda Callagy

Blues Competition 8-3-13 075

Gregory Nash

My recent posts include travels to Hudson to the sounds and generosity from the Club Helsinki to a fundraiser for the Capital Region Blues Network at the Roadhouse Grille on Fuller Road in Albany.

general with nikon and projam 5 254

Bruce Katz at the Pro Jam 5 at Club Helsinki, Hudson



This week, I will catch a little something different when I see the “Band Number 2″ and Gregory Nash  at an evening of Iron Maiden at Trick Shots Billiards in Clifton Park  and no doubt I will be able to post some interesting action photos!

Also, look for a review on a CD you may enjoy.  I do.  John Gillespie shares some thoughts of ‘Bout Time’.  chris and john gillespie 060

for good measure by Wanda Callagy


The Capital Region Blues Network is holding its fourth annual fundraising bash this Friday.   Music, raffles, and a silent auction will be held at the Roadhouse Grille on Fuller Road in Albany at 7PM.

Rhett Tyler and his Early Warning band and Soul Sky will bring their talents for the evening.

hypnotist and jam june 9 062

Rhett Tyler

Mark Emanation has a long history with the CRBN network and says it is important  for him to be supportive as the organization does much to educate young artists about the history of blues music by being part of the Blues in Schools programs.

“I have been involved especially playing with Folding Sky and the Ernie Williams band, and I think all these blues societies across the states are a great movement, as they are keeping an essential art form alive,” said Emanation.

“There will be some great items at the auction, he added.”Gary and Garrick Smith are big blues fans and they donated a weekend package up in Lake Placid at Northwoods Inn with dinner for two with entertainment at Delta Blue.  There are also many, many other great local prizes.”

Soul Sky consists of Emanation, Jeremy Waltz, Tom Dolan, and Josh Bloomfield.

Rhett Tyler says he and his band are looking forward to it.

“I was first introduced to the network  about 15 years ago,” said Tyler.” Jeremy Walz called me to ask if I would play, and we are happy to be part of the event.”

Tyler is a Master Blues Hall of Fame Inductee, and six months ago with Doug Howard and Bo Matheson released a double CD, “The Rhythm, The Power, The Blue”.   According to Tyler, it covers the full gamut of his playing. The band also opens for BB King next week at the Palace.

hypnotist and jam june 9 036

Jeremy Waltz

Soul Sly wit Scotty Mack and CRBN Hollly evan 020

Mark Emanation

Soul Sly wit Scotty Mack and CRBN Hollly evan 004

Tom Dolan

Soul Sly wit Scotty Mack and CRBN Hollly evan 014

Josh Bloomfield

“We will be playing both covers, and our originals, added Tyler. “We are honored to support the network.”





procrastination brings a smile by Wanda Callagy


I am working on an article that is boring me to tears.  Not only am I way behind on it, but I sadly just have no interest in it other than I have a committed deadline.  So be it.

While going through a farmstand favorites cookbook, I saw a recipe for pickled hot peppers.  I read the instructions through, noting that the last paragraph ‘mentions’ placing on gloves when preparing the peppers.


Yup, I lived on a little organic farm and grew hot peppers for the first time several years ago. With one arm in a sling I cut up those babies and made up some wonderful salsa.   In the middle of the night I woke up with my hands on fire.  Luckily, I instinctively knew not to rub my eyes or face…and I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

But why do they put that paragraph last?

backyard in june 057

A plant of last year’s. I so badly want to get my hands in the soil.

a little culture notes and photos by Wanda Callagy


Rudy Lu art show 010 Rudy Lu had an opening this week at the Niche Gallery in Saratoga.

Rudy Lu art show 013

Jim Wright and Rudy Lu

Rudy Lu art show 014 There, several media were represented and part of Lu’s exhibit is his photos of the Clearwater Sloop on the Hudson.  The show was also a benefit to assist keeping the Clearwater afloat, as its educational sails give important information about becoming involved with key environmental issues.  For more information about this floating is a site where North River Friends of Clearwater, and volunteers there can explain the many programs available to protect the Hudson.

Rudy Lu art show 004

The view

Rudy Lu art show 009

Discussing lighting aspects.

A production notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

Elm Circle 021

Olivia Galasso and Drew Martin

I  attended a community theatre production of Elm Circle, written by Mick Casale.  The spring Theatre Project of Schoharie County was held at the Golding Middle School in Cobleskill.

The evening was a good reminder to me of all the interesting local talent that can be found right next door. From music to dance to a play there is something out there for everyone.


The play, described as ‘a meditation on the threat of all the media coming at a kid’, placed in the summer of 1977 was directed by Willard Martin, and produced by Ron Cleeve. ‘It seemed it was getting harder for a kid (or adult) to distinguish between real and fantasy from a time when it was only tv (no cable), and radio,’ said Casale.

Elm Circle 032

Olivia Galasso

Elm Circle 047

Drew Martin

Elm Circle 041

Olivia Galasso and Skylar Shaw

Elm Circle 018

The Pixies.

Elm Circle 019

Roy Bilby

Elm Circle 038

Olivia Galasso and Sean Jordan

This event made possible in part with  funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Schoharie County by the Greene County Council on the Arts.  Produced in Cooperation with the Dramatist Play Service, Inc.


Living vicariously..maybe by Wanda Callagy

Blues Competition 8-3-13 052

I take lots of photos.  When I take a drive.   When I take a walk.  Lately I take  photos of musicians.

Getting involved one night at the Roadhouse Sunday Night Jam I began wanting to  see if I could convey what I hear visually. The joy of the musician playing with another, coming in to a set knowing you are going to have good communication on stage.  The joy of seeing results of many moments of practice and experience, or not.

I have gotten to the point, myself, of being able to follow the music well enough to grab that expressive drum roll or grin with the satisfaction that all went well, or even better.

And it makes sense jams are different than a rehearsed stage show.  Pulling the natural from that is great fun. Depending on the artist, they can make it real easy if they are truly comfortable with themselves on stage.  It is awkward when they are not, I see that too.

polar, blues sanctuary 100

Petey Hop-Hopkinson plays his heart out in Tannersville.

With Kevin Hendrick at Recording studio 2014 2-2 181

Kevin Hendrick reviews results during a recording session.

Blues Competition 8-3-13 052

Joe Lowry at the Linda.

Blues Competition 8-3-13 250

Holly Taormina at the Linda

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 387

Redd Velvet at the Rum Boogie Café in Memphis

And sometimes, even better, when a note sounds good or that voice is singing how you wanted all night, the musicians  are ‘hitting the note”, so to speak, and no photo can do that justice.  That moment is to be just savored.

To celebrate women singing blues, folk, rock, and gospel… Photos by Wanda Callagy

Zan and Leslie 005

Zan Strumfeld

portugal in april, 2013 160

Friends making music in Lisbon

blues express with Blue Hand Luke 142

Donna Marie Tritico

Rusty Wright and jammy awards 11-22-13 315

Big Sky Country

club helsenki 6-24-13 044

Lindsey Webster

club helsenki 6-24-13 100


club helsenki 6-24-13 201

Woodstock Abby Kazoo

club helsenki june 24,13 022

Deborah McDowell

canon with club helsinki 9-26 082

Roseann Sureda

Sonny's bday party 033

Mary Ann Casale

jam and taz 070

Erin Harkes

Lou's Groove at the jam 3-2-14 045

Lauri Travis

Rusty Wright and jammy awards 11-22-13 221

Laurie Wright

Rusty Wright and jammy awards 11-22-13 271


Lou's groove and Pauly's 2-17 017

Zen Reinhardt

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 296

Patti Parks

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 385

Redd Velvet

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 413

Logan Layman

Club Helsinki Projam 4 and mtorsone 2-6 200

Wyld Blu

Lou's Groove at the jam 3-2-14 079

Sharon White

leslie and melody moon 048

Leslie Barkman

Leslie @ EMack..12-27-13 056

Mellow D Moon

on the radio with louie and sly fox and blues traveler 010

Miss Marie

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 626

Holly Taormina

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 553

Octavia Blues Harp

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 097

Carla Colbert Taylor

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 030

Lisa G

albany bid and farm 10=12-13 036

Bridget Drummergirl Wnukowski

Club Helsinki Projam 4 and mtorsone 2-6 222

Elly Wininger

I believe this month a focus is on celebrating women in history.  As I looked around in the library today I found many names I respect and would like to get to know more about.

However, on this page you will find some amazing women artists making history right now, singing and playing from Davison, Michigan to Memphis, Tennessee, and many jaunts inbetween. Here is a handful that I have crossed paths with so far.