A drive

disc and party inmichigan 1324

Lots of grins with crazy glasses.

disc and party inmichigan 1241

Rose of Sharon in my brother’s yard.

disc and party inmichigan 1328

Somewhere in PA traveling east.

disc and party inmichigan 1331

A state park in Western NY, taken at dusk.

I spent a few days with family and lifelong friends in Michigan.  We again celebrated birthdays with laughter and it became a reunion of sorts with neighbors too.  My sons also were able to join the event.    Now, back to my adventures here in my ‘neck of the woods’.   All photos by Wanda Callagy


At times I make the effort to plan a few things.  I attempt to add a little structure.   It hasn’t been going as I thought it might lately.

I must accept.

I have a “See how it goes’ existence and live in a ‘wait and see world’ at this very moment. This is what my life is all about.   I really thought I could accept total ambiguity.  Hogwash.

It is exciting and scary at the same time.  Wild.  Not What I Thought. But I wonder to myself, is living in the moment, not knowing what is ahead for me really so bad?

So, for now, I just cleaned my house.  I am off to an adventure when I wake up in the morning.

a day with KC 034

A view off Mt Utsayantha

A sense of humor is in order. And I will play some music, all the way along.


A dog daze

back yard dog daze 005

This area will attract more bees and hummingbirds. Messy yet, this bed is still in progress.

back yard dog daze 001

Strong and fragile petals.

back yard dog daze 006

“Achoo” per friend Ken Pallman. It is wild here.

I enjoy a woodsy space where I have two flower beds and a small raised organic bed with just a handful of edible food..  The simple act of moving the soil, pulling weeds and harvesting results is an indescribable comfort.  Such beauty and healthy too! Tomorrow my agenda includes blueberry picking..

back yard dog daze 002

Trailing spaghetti squash.

In days ahead..

See what is new and a little of what GERHARDS GUITARWORKS  in Windham is all about.  Alana and Cue gave me a tour of their relocated facility which highlights the art and their passion that goes in to this labor of love.


Gerhards Guitarworks 070

This large workspace produces and finishes things of beauty. For immediate information check out their website. http://www.gerhardsguitarworks.com

Pat T scholarship gig 145

James Alanson Kirk moves amps at last year’s benefit held @ Smokin’ Joe’s venue. He again will take the stage with that rhythmic bass sound.

Pat T scholarship gig 120

Justin Donahoe and Herb Carter Jr. will be playing again this year. A long list of music and raffles alongside good memories and laughter will flow this day.

Pat T scholarship gig 135

Brian Tiernan on the keyboard.

Then, read about the upcoming benefit for the Pat Tiernan Scholarship Fund.  Music will be @ Stout in
Albany from Noon until 8 PM on August 9th.   In remembrance of and to celebrate Pat’s life,  a student each year is chosen from his high school to receive money toward majoring in music.


Check it all out in http://www.Nippertown.com, Albany’s web-based entertainment magazine which covers from the Berkshires to the Hudson!


Black Eyed Susans 002

These will soon round out a corner spot.

Black Eyed Susans 003

Bees love ‘em. Me too.

Yup, Black Eyed Susans.   I picked up a plant today to add to a corner. It is amazing how this plant reproduces and adds this color this time of year.   Jane there at Hillhaven Farmstand and I agree that these flowers are special..”they make you happy.”   I agree.   Coffee and conversation with friends and several hugs from Trenton and later a long walk was my day worth mentioning.