An Evening of Dance

Photos by Wanda Callagy

  I took in this evening of dance and practiced taking photos of the movement on stage.  The Roxbury Arts Group held the event in the Walter Meade Gallery with the Byrdcliffe Performing Arts Organization. The choreography was creative and the stories rang true ,as the InTW artists offered innovative, thought-provoking ideas in dance while cello music added Bach and Ligeti.  For more information about RAG, check out their website for more details about these dancers and other events planned.

Nan-Cheng, cello solos. At 25, he is the executive director and founder of the New Asia Chamber Music Society. He is noted for his passion of sharing music with music lovers.
Dancers Lorenzo Pagano and Blakeley White-McGuire. They also wrote the choreography for this (work in progress).
Blakeley White-McGuire
Marion Helfenstein & Hsiao-Ting Hsieh. A historic story inspired by the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan.
Marion Helfenstein in Before Sunrise.
“Waiting”. I need to tag names. 52 Hertz.
One of twin sisters.
Other twin sister. Hsiao-Wei Hsieh and Hsiao-Ting Hsieh hail from Taipei. Their dance language is rooted in their cultural background.


Stamford Library Children’s Book Club

By Wanda Callagy

This read has simple instructions to set up a compost spot.
Check out this contest!
Many farming books to look at.
In honor.
We’re open!
Visit us!
My favorite.
Llamas and roosters, hens and goats, lambs and calves, and a wild pony or two just may entertain you.

I invite you all ages 6-12 to join me for a book club.  It is easy and fun.  Stop by for an hour.  Parents are welcome.  We are getting this new program off the ground and I want you to stop by.  Since it is dairy month in June and gardening all summer,


I want to keep with the dairy and farming theme for younger participants, and I will find something else for the older readers.  Our next meeting is on Wednesday, July 15th at 4PM.  I will remind you with posters and more information.  If you want to share ideas, just e-mail me at the library.  Find a book to read and talk about.  Tell me if you like it.  Tell me why.

It is good to have a book at your side for a rainy day.  I know many of you will be attending camps and playing sports.  I would enjoy hearing about your summer adventures.

Check out all the other groups and ideas the library has to offer!  Books, board games, knitting, more books, videos, CDs, big print books, children’s activities and computer time.  And, so much more.

This spring morning

I have been with family the last couple of weeks and honing my ‘travelin’ writing skills.  At times life challenges us to stay balanced and on days that I can’t stay that way I fear I may go mad. Faith, laughter, friends and music help me to breathe through it. And of course, nature around me.  These are from Pittsburgh, PA.

A little ahead of me here in the Catskills. Wonderful smells too.
I did not go in. Friendly place, tho.
Steeple and clouds
a pretty spot.
Such beauty
High and blue sky

My first spring walk

I celebrated the warm weather yesterday by throwing open those windows and I went out to survey the greenery around my little space.  Definitely a little elbow grease will be in order along with those never-ending lists.  I have seeds on order and making animal decisions.  Chicks and a couple of sheep?  Neither?  Just a couple of hens for eggs?

Still some snow, yup, on the back forty.
That is my wild beast, Spice, checking out her shadow. She has not seen it in awhile.
a little green
My land is posted.
Some spring has sprung.

As I wandered I realized I will need to get some ‘tree people’ in here as I don’t have a chain saw and don’t climb on ladders.  My arms can tell I raked  and with the combination of the sun, the outside air and hearing some great blues music last night, it was really a great way to celebrate the season. With an open window I heard birds this morning calling me up for another day  and that first cup of coffee.

a funny story

By Wanda Callagy

I fall a lot.  I am clumsy.  I also see a great nurse practitioner who has gently and now strongly encourages me to drop weight and get moving again to strengthen the damaged and undamaged parts of me.

Without going in to personal detail, I told her I wanted to go hiking this fall in the West and hoped by then I had met a great new hiking partner/boyfriend/soul mate along the way.  The travels could be even more adventurous!

So, she asks me if I have a plan.  I give her details of my low dairy and non sugar diet with juicing once a week and my work out details.

She smiles and says, “No, I meant have you joined one of those dating places or something?”

I told her, ‘no’…that I just keep quoting Jackson Browne.  “looking for a lover that won’t blow my cover..(he’s ) so hard to find”….

We went back to talk about swimming.

On Saturday..

Doug Williams at an open mic in Stamford, 10-14.

This musician as well as others are part of the Worn&Weathered Club’s gathering this weekend.  Members are bringing food for the potluck.  Music from members of Harmony Street and Logan’s Express benefits local friends.  Located at the Hobart Firehouse on this Saturday, the 28th, with doors open@4pm.  This note and photo by Wanda Callagy.  All proceeds go toward the efforts of this event.

A throwback view of music

Jim Kopp and John Fink with Leslie Barkman playing at an open mic/jam last fall in the carriage house in Stamford.


On Saturday two bands, Logan’s Express and Harmony Street will be part of a fundraiser in Hobart.  Starting @ 4PM at the firehouse, this event runs until 8PM.  Join us!  Any questions, call a member of the “Worn and Weathered, Inc.”  Photo and note by Wanda Callagy