the day after black friday

still not inspired to go shopping…the other night i wanted to get some coffee to make on my shift at the hospital…the grocery was closed…this was thanksgiving eve….i went to one of the main retailers and at 10:30 pm the parking lot was full and there was yellow tape as if it were a crime scene.  when i found the coffee, i went down the rows, looking to find a short check-out line.   folks would barely move their carts full of electronics..mostly televisions on sale…one guy got lucky and had four!  the air had that scary feeling of electricity and because none of the faces looked too happy….i put the coffee down and went to dunkin doughnuts.   How sad these workers are to need to be open at that time on the holiday….and for the buyers, to me the joy of sharing the day with loved ones would dispell very quickly standing in those lines.  

my children are no longer little, and now at the holidays i treasure time with people…..i miss the ones no longer here that i also think about every day. i love making things for family members or a close friend…or sharing a wonderful meal with conversation.  soon, my sister’s and my sons will have families of their own and there will be little ones to enjoy again.  i miss the mornings when kevin and i would put things together the night before and then spend all day on the holiday playing on the floor with trains, cars and push toys….

i was a little traumatized after my experience but will keep a good perspective…and if there is a store with yellow tape that reminds me of Law and Order, no doubt i will think of something else for a gift.

Feedback welcome!

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