a beginning…again

i want to get my blues page up and running…i hope to catalog all events i have attended in the last year.
i have sent photos to many musicians and if there is anything one may see and want…i will share. just credit me for the work, please.
i had been told about the Fuller Roadhouse jams and finally stayed around in albany on a sunday night to attend.
my life has not been the same since.
though someone asked me if i am a musician and that is why i venture to write about the blues….i will reply quickly that i am not, and i also don’t keep bees or engage in many of the things i write about.
what i stress that i am sharing is the opportunity..to hear some wonderful music…and to have stimulating conversation with musicians proud of what they share from their heart and soul. folks in the crowd are friendly…everyone is there to share a musical moment. we throw some money in appreciation into a bucket.
so, as i learn about this craft, i will share it. i work as a freelancer, and am independent. i have found wonderful resources in some of the folks around me that have been doing it for a long time…i take their suggestions with reading reviews and formats from blues sites and magazines….i try to get the good stuff down on paper, i take dozens and dozens of photos as i attend things to get a good few. i am humble and do my best to get things right,and keep a sense of humor when i blunder through a video or rewrite a story a dozen times until it feels right. sometimes it feels more than right.
this process has made my world alive again. though i work as a nurse and am proud of the time i have given there i have needed something to fill me up again. i have also adjusted to empty nest syndrome and took on a quiet little home in the woods with my rescue pups and chickens. learning about this music has added a dimension…an opportunity…to be part of something good and soulful…i get past my shyness and out of my own shell for awhile and can just ‘pass it forward’. you know…good stuff.
i plan to visit many venues in the region, and as i learn, will do CD and book reviews……enjoy.

Feedback welcome!

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