looking at photos

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

going through photos…hope to have organized of the musicians i have had the opportunity to listen to in the last few months.  i love these jams and open mics…i am much more comfortable there than in a concert hall.  when my brother -in-law dallas mentioned taking this part of getting to know about music for me is to capture a little to share to just about everyone who may be interested.  get a story down on paper the best i can, and venture into the world of the digital darkroom…add some polish.

if, by one person noticing a photo or reading of a line or two of mine were to change up their life and step into the world of music in particularly the blues genre that i have discovered recently than i have met the most important goal here that i have set for myself.  a coffee house, then an art show. then the ballet.  another open mic or jam another  night.  maybe two.  the library, where blues history can be found in pages in one corner or on a video.

who knows where it may take you.

i have a new goal when i have days when i work as a nurse less.  i want to drive around and visit some of these wonderful sites from where these blues come from.   mississippi, and louisiana and take in the music there.  me and no doubt a pup and the cameras and gear to see what good stuff i can share. my take on world peace.

now, back to the photos.  there are many.

The photo above is Santa Bill, December 2011.  He has wonderful stories!

Feedback welcome!

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