learning the camera

A smile from Nepal, October 2008Patience is the mantra for the day…yes, i should be finnishing a story.   Yes, the bathroom could use a little effort to help it sparkle.   But i would rather play with my camera instead.

Working at the settings, i think i will have fun playing with some new ones.   Years ago when I worked on the Mirror Recorder i first learned to take photos on a 35 milimeter and rolled film, developed and printed all with black and white.   i think i will see what some shots of these blues events will look like if i experiment a little.

The Capitol Region and also around me here in the catskills i have found so many venues to feel both comfortable and homey in and new ones to explore.

Off to an adventure this evening.

Photo above taken in Nepal, October 2008.   A gift of smiles.

Feedback welcome!

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