a mixed day

A friend’s son will be married today..a very happy time.  I am full of anticipation with my sons for celebrating Christmas next week.  I keep it low key but i do like to decorate a little…i have family and friends in michigan that are till awaiting their packages to be sent……..but this morning i awaken with the reminder of a horrible incident yesterday…that many children and teachers lost their life in a rampage …

it did make me send loving hugs to my sons, as they are older and i have not been able to protect them like i thought i could years ago….i worked hard at keeping them safe.

may prayers send some peace despite the fact there will never be any understanding.

important to grab the moment and recognize those we love.  sending love and healing thoughts to all,

and looking forward to grabbing those sons of mine to remind them again just all that they mean to me.



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