A spring thing

217I had hoped my perennials survived the pecking of my rooster Fred. It was joyful to find this daffodil blooming by my back stoop. My friend Carol gave them to me two springs ago. She encouraged me to come with shovel in hand and I retrieved a half dozen bunches. She was always sharing her efforts in gardening. She was known to drop off garlic at your door and would invite you to a morning of picking blueberries. She would use extra coffee grounds and take home sackfuls of leaves.

I miss her. Carol passed over in January, on a bright, sunny, wintery day. Next month I will attend her Celebration of Life, actually on the date of her wedding anniversary to husband Peter. Daughters Heather and Jennifer and spouses and grandson Noah will share the afternoon with friends who no doubt bring stories and laughter to the event. The Stamford Village Library no doubt misses the time she spent there, sharing authors and assisting patrons to find something of interest to read. I first met her when we shared an evening cleaning at the church basement where our children attended pre-school. In later years we shared planting tales and walks in the sun.

That daffodil. Reminds me of the moments in time she shared with me. Thanks, Carol.

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