Coffee will never be the same

A cup of coffee will never be the same
A cup of coffee will never be the same
I was able to travel to Portugal the end of April and was delighted with the whole trip. I knew I was in for an adventure, as traveling with friend Liz Shaw has never been dull through the years. In January we discussed several options, and this trip seemed to meet many of the goals we both go someplace completely different, take in some new sites and people’s ways in the world, and to do it fairly cheaply, safely, and for us both to take in what we each wanted to see. It may be taking in the layered architecture, or time in nature by the sea. One goal we both had was to stay in hostels in an attempt to be part of the community as much as a stranger visiting for a week can do . This led us to three destinations in Portugal. One of the most important things I brought back from the trip was the simple joy of being aware of time. There, in the streets of Lisbon at an outdoor cafe, or during an evening meal in ‘the favorite place to eat in town” a cup of coffee is savored, just as a fine wine. The strong cappuccino is presented in a small cup, and the rich aroma makes one want to drink it slow, to taste every drop. A far cry from me making a large pot of Folgers before work or a mad dash I may make into a convenience store to get my caffeine fix. Or, from Liz’s admittance that she often breezes out her door @5AM with tepid tap water and instant to get her going.
Obviously, after this experience one thinks of drinking this beverage a bit differently. I liked people watching and sitting outdoors in the 70 degree weather we had, taking in different street musicians’ performances and enjoying watching couples strolling hand in hand along the cobblestone streets. The smell of bakery breads and fine pastries were everywhere, and they were a treat to be had along with that memorable java. I have done my best to hang on to the effect that was imprinted on me there, taking a little time to look around, to taste that meal I just made, or that warm cup of coffee I just poured. Laughter, conversations, music, and a few new snapshots of life.

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