for good measure by Wanda Callagy

Joe Lowry and Jeremy Walz play with friends at the Pat Tiernan scholarship benefit.
Joe Lowry and Jeremy Walz play with friends at the Pat Tiernan scholarship benefit.
Wednesday night jam at the Dinosaur Barbeque with Sly Fox and Donna Marie Floyd Tritico.
Arthur Holmes and John Worth play the blues to help support a veteran women’s shelter.
At the Roadhouse Grille at a Capital Region Blues Network with Ralph Michael Spillenger.
Matt Mirabile shows intention at the Alive@Five show in Albany.

These are a handful of my favorite pictures. On to a story about someone you may want to keep an eye on in the music business. Not only is he a skilled trained musician, but a gifted sound engineer who helps convey the music we hear to our senses and hearts.

Kevin Hendrick  can be found most evenings at the Dinosaur Barbeque  in Troy.  He is sound man, trumpeter, and bassist.  He sings.  He puts his music out there for your to enjoy both live at different venues and on Reverbnation.  Fortunately, Hendrick likes working with people as his main job when setting up the sound is keeping the music in balance between the instruments and vocals.

“It takes awhile at times to gain the musicians’ trust,” said Hendrick.  “Once they get to know me they realize it is a give and take relationship, because I want them to be heard well, too.”

Sly Fox commented that without a doubt Hendrick adds that insight of being proficient with many instruments to the way he develops the stage sound.

“The sound man from up front has to know how to handle that mixture properly, Kevin is talented.” Fox added.

For right now, re-evaluating his goals and enjoying performing at open mics and playing with musicians near and far are on his agenda.   He talks about looking into overseas opportunities and has been working on ‘being more polished’ with his own playing.  He also states that he puts his heart and soul into it, every day.

When hearing something he has mixed, or watching him play that bass or trumpet, Hendrick exudes that energy.

Kevin Hendrick
Kevin Hendrick

This is what I do when I travel to hear gigs or on that visit for that long trip to Michigan…

Gregory Nash’s BABY

If you have had the opportunity to see Nash play and heard his music, you might suspect that his influence from the Rolling Stones would take precedence.  However, expect some wonderful surprises.

Nash added much talent to this CD, Produce by David Rockower and Nash, and all songs are written by Nash, except where noted. Nash adds his lead and background vocals and percussion skills to this endeavor with David Rockower, Tim Keenan, Andrew Goster, Joe Lowry Brian Melick, Albie Von Schaff, Julie Delfs, Rena Graf, and Leo Curley. For more details and credits visit

It is no surprise that Nash starts out this journey with a drum introduction “Bleeding The Fifth” which makes you sit up a little straighter to listen. It takes one into the first set of vocals, which does remind so much of the Rolling Stone’s backup vocal styles  in” Leave.” Easily the lyrics are there to tell that story. When” No More” begins to play, Nash’s drawl and thick sound sends out thoughts of loss and describes feelings familiar to many.

Then all of a sudden….it all changes.

That upbeat backbeat and the tale of” Lady Cop”  begins. Careful if you are driving. A visual fantasy described in lyrics with the sound effects and descriptions of hot pursuit could make one breathless. It is sexy with that strong beat that makes one long for more. I find myself when listening not being able to distinquish the instruments from each other, it all just melts. Hot.

The instrumental, ” Saturn Falling” is unexpected with some very strong guitar licks along the way to add to that strong bass line compliments all of Nash’s efforts with his sticks.

“Don’t Tear Me Up” , Jagger’s tune, sounds oh so familiar but does add a vocal duet which is pleasing to the ear.

Grace Abandoned”  is THE drum solo .. amazing to listen to, better to see. Again, energy and breathlessness comes to mind. “Still” may just be this writer’s favorite, with haunting lyrics and remembering memories and making believe. There are  progressions which fade and make me think of the musicians who put together a familiar sound-Yes, The Moody Blues. It is mystical.

I do not want to hear the ending, but the triumphant lyrics of “My Resurrection” makes one feel that this artist is not only driven, but skilled. He has a sense of humor but he states it as it is.

This piece of work is something not to be missed. I highly recommend you see Nash show you his percussion skills.

dedicated to Kim Riggi


2 thoughts on “for good measure by Wanda Callagy

  1. trail-zen October 16, 2013 / 10:53 am

    great cd review! You really make the songs come alive through your words, even for someone who hasn’t heard it yet.


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