A little musical trivia By Wanda Callagy

santa chick 003That Cameron Melville posted a photo today and got me a thinking.  I had wanted to send a Christmas song in to Sonny Rock for his ‘Local Licks’ show, and one came to mind.  However, one may agree it may not be something he would play…at this point.

In 1987 the lyrics of a song by Tony Colton and Phil Palmer were recorded by Greg Allman.  The title came about when Palmer saw a toddler in a t-shirt which stated ‘Daddy’s No. 1 Angel’, but actually, the shirt was folded over a bit and he read ‘Daddy’s No Angel.”  The lyrics and song took a life of its own, and the C-B flat-F progression became one of my favorites of all time.

With the music up high and myself in the right state of mind, I myself sing this tune well.  I will admit, Greg and the band do it just fine.

You know the words, and I will skip a verse or two, but enjoy.

No, I’m no angel

No, I’m no stranger to the street

I’ve got my label

So I won’t crumble at your feet

And I know baby-

So I’ve got scars upon my cheek

And I’m half crazy

Come on and love me baby

so you find me hard to handle

Well, I’m easier to hold.

So you like my spurs that jingle,

And I never leave you cold.

so I might steal your diamonds

I’ll bring back some gold.

I’m  no angel

Let me rock your cradle

Let me start a fire with your spark

Oh, come on baby

Come and let me show you my tattoo

Let me drive you crazy..

Well come on baby,

come on baby,

drive me crazy.

Printed off a Google site not in its entirety, produced by Epic records and all rights reserved by the artists.

Perhaps you will get to play this for me sometime, Mr. Rock !

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