Memphis Bound notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

home and club helsinki on 11-3-13 NY Hall of Fame 217
Tas Cru and Michael Packer at Club Helsinki in Hudson. Tas inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame.

These folks, also, are headed to Memphis.  Tas Cru and his band the Tortured Souls kick off the week on Beale street supporting Generation Blues .  He is a winner again of the Keeping The Blues Alive Award with educating young and old in schools and in civic centers and at veteran centers and in libraries.  And, he is the master story teller.  Wonder what he will say about Memphis THIS year.

Jimy Graham is heading to Memphis as a winner many a time in the competition held by the Capital Region Blues Network.  Looking so forward to his drawl and fancy fingerwork.

Holly&Evan also will be familiar faces there, also.    Do you say ‘break a leg’ in music?

Pat T scholarship gig 102
Me taking a photo of Joe Lowry taking a pic of Jimy Graham at the Pat Tiernan scholarship gig at Smokin Joe’s.

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