Here I go

Article and photo by Wanda Callagy

Yup..going to Memphis.  Last year as I interviewed Capital Region Blues Network members and many other musicians that have had an opportunity to visit the Beale Street phenomena I decided if at all possible, I would go.

I grabbed a package deal and fly out this weekend.  I will read a little more each day but I want the days to be as spontaneous as I can handle, and I will surely catch the IBC challengers from the Capital Region and I have been invited to the National Women in Blues event.

And, of course, the opening Rum Boogie Jam that Tas Cru has opened the events with for years is a highlight and and this night he donates the proceeds to Generation Blues and other programs to Keep the Blues Alive. In schools. Libraries. Civic Centers. Veterans’ Homes. The young. The older.  Poor and rich. Michigan trip in October, 2013 070

I plan to blog for the CRBN site, and bring back some nice tales to submit to Nippertown and other sources that I network with along the way.

I am grateful, so very much, to take in these sites and sounds.  Music for my soul.  Light in my life.

Feedback welcome!

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