A story review and photo by Wanda Callagy

I found this book in our library.  I have been reading more about the Blues and music I have been listening to. I found the characters lively and the conclusion satisfying in this read.

Yolonda’s Genius by Carol Fenner

Yolonda believes in her brother Andrew  who would rather play the harmonica than talk.  She is 9.  He is 6.  They move from the world of Chicago to northern Michigan, and travel back and forth from city sounds and the streets to the quiet of the Great Lakes.

They set out to meet and play with BB King.  They really get there. They work through the steps.  They go to Blues Festivals. They meet many new people.

I think this story shows that  there are many teachers out there in life.  Yolonda believed and took it all in and moved forward  in a gentle way for someone she loved.yolanda;s genius january 001

Copyright 1995 by Carol Fenner.  Printed in the United States.  All rights respected.

And, dedicated to Tas Cru.  He brings his bandmembers and talents to Generation Blues and Blues and Schools.  He shares these stories later with us in his music if you listen.  He inspires others by setting up a Facebook Page that shares educational ideas and feedback.

2 thoughts on “A story review and photo by Wanda Callagy

  1. trail-zen January 14, 2014 / 8:49 am

    nice! A suggestion: you should add links in your post to Tas’ facebook page (if it’s public) and the blues education website. That kind of linking helps the reader, but also helps your blog start building more audience. 🙂


    • wcallagy January 14, 2014 / 9:06 am

      thankyou. I need to figure out how to do it. Thank goodness for the library class on Thursday that is free.


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