The Thursday before I leave for Memphis! Note and photos by Wanda Callagy

Public transportation in Katmandu.
Three was a crowd. The elephant well behaved.
portugal in april, 2013 106
In Portugal we hiked, stayed in cool hostels, rode trains, busses, subways, and walked for hours.
portugal in april, 2013 048
The ocean and river both to enjoy.
portugal in april, 2013 098
Castles and monasteries to explore.

Well, that is some title.   I have chosen my father’s brown suitcase to pack.  It is unused as yet, bought for a trip he did not take.  So, it is traveling to Beale Street.  Thanks, daddy.

 I have been thinking about public transportation.  I will get a taxi or shuttle to my motel room.  I have been told that I have a great shuttle back and forth to Beale Street.  I have had so much fun while traveling in taxi’s and yes, getting lost on busses and subways.  One must get past the fear and then you can figure it all out.  I always wonder if the place I am lost to for a little while isn’t really where I should be at that time.

My son lives in Pittsburgh and gets around well there on the bus and on his bike.  He is in great physical shape and also uses his experience for short story material.

Anyway. I have exchanged book titles and gotten great travel info.  Food info.  In the Bahamas, friends and I hired a driver and guide for the week.  To get us to some of the ‘real territory’.  Another story there.

I am watching my animals play.  I have a dog, Spice, who is about 12, half shitzu, and has scoliosis and now no teeth.  I also have three rescue cats named Dahlia, Chop Suey, and Rugby.  A friend will watch the house and the cats, another takes in Spice as her own and that is a relief for this travelin girl.

When I bought my passport years ago, I thought nothing of it.  I am used to traveling across the bridge to Canada and you must answer all questions properly and have the proper ID.    So, when a buddy invited me to Nepal, I went down and applied.  It makes it so easy in the airport and I understand why folks don’t want the expense but I carry it and smile.  In the line at the airport I  begin taking off the belt and boots and sweater and jewels before they must plead with me.  That way they are nice to my cameras.  I wear clean sox.

Introducing you to my critters……and here’s to the countdown of my newest adventure!

backyard in june 066
Chop Suey

One thought on “The Thursday before I leave for Memphis! Note and photos by Wanda Callagy

  1. Margo Singer January 16, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    Have a great time in Memphis!


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