Memphis..a walkin’

Memphis 1-19-14 270
Beale Street

Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

The flight to Memphis was smooth and as always I could write just a page or two about my flight and people watching at the airport.

However, so far, so good.

My motel is about 2 miles from downdown Memphis, so after a shower on arriving I decided I would take the shuttle and see a little of Beale Street since I surely had some daylight left.

The strip is blocked off and I was amazed to hear live music coming out of doorways at four in the afternoon.

So I walked around awhile, and then had a catfish dinner.

From Memphis rockabilly/early rock to Etta James, to seeing the venue names I had only heard of was the beginning of my stay here.

So much to do and see, and the IBC has not begun yet…………….

Memphis 1-19-14 260
Lisa G singing “At Last” at BBKing’s Blues Club
Memphis 1-19-14 280
The Memphis 3

Memphis 1-19-14 250Memphis 1-19-14 312

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