for good measure Notes and Photo by Wanda Callagy

card and trying to catch a photo of suey 500
An empty stage at the Orpheum, waiting for another set of Blues.

It was a whirlwind week for me to be able to travel to Memphis for the first time to catch the musicians on Beale Street.  The International Blues Challenge in of itself was such a treat to be around, as I found every day to be as if I was in Disneyworld or at a huge, huge music festival.

I toured, saw a few sites, and met a few of the locals as I arrived a few days early.  I took a long walk along the Mississippi and took photos of everything from blooming pansies to historical statues to research another time.  I felt honored to capture a little of the Martin Luther King Holiday Celebration and to see the goals and agenda of  the Center for Southern Women’s Folklore.  I came back with many photos and lots of notes and memories of seeing great showmanship, kindness shown in crowded venues, and Southern Hospitality.

Feedback welcome!

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