Living vicariously..maybe by Wanda Callagy

I take lots of photos.  When I take a drive.   When I take a walk.  Lately I take  photos of musicians.

Getting involved one night at the Roadhouse Sunday Night Jam I began wanting to  see if I could convey what I hear visually. The joy of the musician playing with another, coming in to a set knowing you are going to have good communication on stage.  The joy of seeing results of many moments of practice and experience, or not.

I have gotten to the point, myself, of being able to follow the music well enough to grab that expressive drum roll or grin with the satisfaction that all went well, or even better.

And it makes sense jams are different than a rehearsed stage show.  Pulling the natural from that is great fun. Depending on the artist, they can make it real easy if they are truly comfortable with themselves on stage.  It is awkward when they are not, I see that too.

polar, blues sanctuary 100
Petey Hop-Hopkinson plays his heart out in Tannersville.
With Kevin Hendrick at Recording studio 2014 2-2 181
Kevin Hendrick reviews results during a recording session.
Blues Competition 8-3-13 052
Joe Lowry at the Linda.
Blues Competition 8-3-13 250
Holly Taormina at the Linda
card and trying to catch a photo of suey 387
Redd Velvet at the Rum Boogie Café in Memphis

And sometimes, even better, when a note sounds good or that voice is singing how you wanted all night, the musicians  are ‘hitting the note”, so to speak, and no photo can do that justice.  That moment is to be just savored.

Feedback welcome!

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