procrastination brings a smile by Wanda Callagy

I am working on an article that is boring me to tears.  Not only am I way behind on it, but I sadly just have no interest in it other than I have a committed deadline.  So be it.

While going through a farmstand favorites cookbook, I saw a recipe for pickled hot peppers.  I read the instructions through, noting that the last paragraph ‘mentions’ placing on gloves when preparing the peppers.


Yup, I lived on a little organic farm and grew hot peppers for the first time several years ago. With one arm in a sling I cut up those babies and made up some wonderful salsa.   In the middle of the night I woke up with my hands on fire.  Luckily, I instinctively knew not to rub my eyes or face…and I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

But why do they put that paragraph last?

backyard in june 057
A plant of last year’s. I so badly want to get my hands in the soil.

Feedback welcome!

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