Growing along with change by Wanda Callagy

Every day. It really is a miracle. Either I learn an old lesson a different way or something crosses my path I have never looked at before.
I am most comfortable in the setting of my work of 32 years, as a nurse. I am unable to fill that role now and I have been floundering as to ‘what to do, what to do..with me’.  My sons are wonderful free birds.  I did all I could to give them wings. Everywhere I go I find me.
It all is not a pretty sight at times.

So, this blog is going to get more attention.

I am traveling to Michigan in a week and I am going to search out some Railroad history. As part of Durand’s Railroad Days, as a member of the National Railroad Memorial, Inc.  I am going to talk to folks about their families’  experiences being part of that heritage.  Both of my grandfathers and many good friends of mine have been part of that life.  From walking and fixing track to being a deputy sheriff  and engineer.  Can you imagine the tales?

Family time ahead and walks and talks with old friends.

Depot and 5 alive with blues sanctuary and tom healey 008
A street in Durand, Michigan. My hometown.


Off to work on ‘for good measure’…..and later today a visit with a friend here and music ahead at the CRBN jam at the Fuller Roadhouse in Albany.

Feedback welcome!

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