Chickens and flowers on a day in June

june 3..pereneals and chix 007
Hens and chicks. Really.
june 3..pereneals and chix 002
june 3..pereneals and chix 003
Hasta, dandelion and the other I cannot remember its name. It will come to me.
june 3..pereneals and chix 006
As kids, we used to chase others with these…

As you may notice, I live in a rocky area and must use a lot of mulch and work with the soil here.  A small rock garden returned after that cold, cold winter and always the dandelions prevail to help feed the bees!


june 3..pereneals and chix 008
A white phlox and wild violets.
june 3..pereneals and chix 012
Someone always has their rear to the camera.
june 3..pereneals and chix 013
Breakfast of champion egg layers.

The chicks had a quiet night.  I gave them a cardboard box to sleep and hide in while they spend time in the dog kennel in the downstairs bath.  I have a barn but it is too early to be out without a lamp, and soon they have a small chicken house to be in.  That will be a photo event.

I am fortunate to have found someone who will bring in their bush hog and a tractor and we are just going to clear up a little around the deck area here.  A raised bed will produce some vegetables that no doubt will again entice the deer but I have some fencing that may help.  I am willing to share a little but not all of it.

Time to start up the mower.  A really nice, clear morning in the Catskills.  Photos and notes by Wanda Callagy

Feedback welcome!

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