for good measure

car show and band and a rainy monday 069
Chad Plauss
car show and band and a rainy monday 071
Bobbie Van Detta

Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

These photos were taken recently at Keeler’s Mercedes-Benz Summer Event in Latham, NY.

The Audiostars played for the crowd there, and the weather was warm and cooperative for those taking part in the day.

Later today I plan to go to an open mic at TJ’s Flightline.  I have not been there and understand it is a great place to hear some music.  The acoustics are good, they say.

When I go to a performance or event I often bring my cameras.  I do what I can to capture a little of the magic.  And though I don’t think I am picky, I of course enjoy it when the lighting is just right, and the volume of the sound is comfortable to listen to.  Expressions become vivid through my lens, and I often feel lucky just to ‘see it.’  As I attend events, I am learning more about some of the instruments played and I am open to hear all genres.  I have been pleased when a musician makes the time for me to get that special shot, and it has been fun to go up on stage a couple of times to get a closer look at the drummer or that angle of the harp player.    My explorations go in to detail in ‘for good measure.’

car show and band and a rainy monday 053
On your mark..
car show and band and a rainy monday 079
Matt and Jay get ready to begin.
car show and band and a rainy monday 075
Jay and Bobbie

My sons often hear my stories.  And I try to include them in many of my escapades.  They were much more vulnerable when younger.  But they are open to hearing new bands, and discussing all the great things that music provides.




Last year Christopher met up with me in Oneonta at a local pub, and he was amazed that in between sets band members of the Tortured Souls stopped by at the table to say hello.  Later, Chris asked me if I had become an older ‘groupie’.  Later, as I ran with that conversation, I know I frightened him at the thought that someday he and his bro might have to come and get me as folks are reporting me and my ‘jazzy’ electric chair as I am running into too many of the dancers at some event.  One must maintain a sense of humor and I love to tease my sons.  They are good people, I believe, and would do anything for me.  But that would be asking a bit much.

car show and band and a rainy monday 068
Jay Yager and Matt Pirog.
car show and band and a rainy monday 072
Chad Plauss

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