Perfecting a craft

Michigan Nd NRMI in May, 2014 001
I was able to volunteer a little time recently in Durand, Michigan. There, I am learning some railroad history and am part of a volunteer group supporting the National Railroad Memorial, Inc. there. Besides a beautiful park and opportunities to add more historical sites to the area, The Wyllie Project, in memory of my uncle, Cleland Wyllie, a journalist @University of Michigan will tell stories of the railroad men and women themselves.

Photos and notes by Wanda Callagy

At times it is necessary to make a decision in order to move along in life.  As much as personality and my ego allows me, I like to really just go with the flow.  Or, honestly, at times I camp out in bed ALONE just knowing the covers do make me feel real safe.  Then, a moment echoed by an event changes me.  And there I go if I want to.

Recently, some good friends have offered me some opportunity to do just that.   They have invited me into their life, to share their skills.  A woman who taught English for years is available to answer questions about writing phrases and nouns and is a walking resource of ideas.   Another has equipment that he uses when taking photos and can  show me the hands on skills of setting up a mobile tripod and the proper usage of a flash when taking photos of musicians and other artists on stage.  When I mentioned I would like to strum around with a 12-string, I came home with one to spend time  with daily.  In writing about music, I also want to gain a little insight and understanding about the instruments themselves.  How is that sound made?  How old is that wood?  Who owned that piano?

Each of my categories in ‘Long story, short’ shares an interest of mine.   They include the experiences I have had since joining up with the Capital Region Blues network and being part of a community to photos of the nature in far away lands I see.

What lies ahead?

I have a few adventures in mind.  I will take in some lovely country here in the states as I visit my sons and a friend out West.  I am attempting to schedule a train trip in the fall to see areas I have only seen on film or in photographs and books.  Right now there is so much beauty right out my back door, and great musicians around the corner to meet and hear.  I can record a little history as I take in the moments, and with family events on the calendar, it’s all nourishing and giving me some good energy.

club helsenki 6-24-13 127
This is Sonny Rock at a Club Helsinki event. Always on the move, he is co-organizer of the Pro Jam events. I enjoy his drumming, and I can always count on him for a photogenic viewpoint!
june 8 wagon and flowers. high noon 001
Many hours and miles are on this wagon of my sons’. Now it helps me move around plants. And weeds.
polar bear jump 008
This was a fundraiser @Goodyear Lake. Nurses that I worked with gave their hearts, enduring the cold and all the laughter there to help local children.
Fields of gold (rice) in Nepal. A very memorable trip in 2008. I had never traveled that far away, or seen such a different way of life. The experience made me high.



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