Got Plans?


club helsenki 6-24-13 191
A dancing crowd for the Pro Jam
Club Helsinki Projam 4 and mtorsone 2-6 079
jeremy Walz and Tas Cru @ Pro Jam #4 in February.

Photos and notes by Wanda Callagy

Pro Jam #6 is  just being around the corner.   Will YOU be there?

The jam begins @ 8 PM and the doors open @ 6PM on Thursday, June 26, just a week from today.

No doubt it will be a great night of music hosted by Tas Cru.  The house band includes  Petey Hop, Vince Leggiere, Sonny Rock, and Cameron Melville.

Cru has planned on the event.

“Am very much looking forward to this gig.  The Hudson Valley has some of the finest blues players in the country and to quote Johnny Cash,  “I’ve been  everywhere, man.  I’ve been everywhere.”

The event, held on Columbia Street in Hudson, will be sponsored by Woodstock Harley Davidson and there will be an in-house display by Gerhards Guitarworks.

This writer has been able to attend a few of these events, and aside from the music with the finest of acoustics, I order from the club’s great menu and have found the staff there hospitable and the selection for grazing abundant.

It may get a little crowded up there on that stage, but oh, the musicians you will see and hear!

Join me!

club helsenki 6-24-13 085
Jared Alpern and Flash
club helsenki 6-24-13 121
Ross Rice


club helsinki july 27 026
Bo Hammond July, 2013.
canon with club helsinki 9-26 083
Roseann Sureda adds her magic.



















club helsenki 6-24-13 159
Cue adding his flair on stage. That is Sonny Rock behind him.
club helsenki 6-24-13 031
Group shot 6-14-13.
club helsenki 6-24-13 050
Lindsey Webster adds her voice.
club helsenki 6-24-13 102
Mike of Mike and Ruthey adding banjo.
pro jam 5 with canon 151
This photo from Pro Jam #5 included Sonny Rock and Gary McKeever, organizers and promoters of the greatest of music.
pro jam 5 with canon 035
Slam Allen. What great expressions he shows!
general with nikon and projam 5 334
As always, a gentle showman. Gus Mancini on that saxophone.
general with nikon and projam 5 292
Dylan Doyle.
canon with club helsinki 9-26 021
Sonny speed on the Hammond.
canon with club helsinki 9-26 065
Murali Coryell on drums with quite the stageful
club helsenki 6-24-13 221
Group shot.
canon with club helsinki 9-26 050
Mark McKay traveled in from Albany area.
club helsenki june 24,13 029
Deborah McDowell and Willie Smith blues up that stage.
canon with club helsinki 9-26 013
Jonny Monster.
pro jam 5 with canon 002
The calm before the storm.


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