A relocation

Digging in the dirt 010
Wheeling it in.
Digging in the dirt 011
Making sure it is in a good place. Sun, Shade, Grass..
chic house, arthur, and blues sanc 007
Easily movable. Check out the ‘run’.
chic house, arthur, and blues sanc 011
View from the end. It picks up and moves like a wheelbarrow.
chic house, arthur, and blues sanc 013
The wheels are sturdy.
chic house, arthur, and blues sanc 193
Chix are exploring.

I have had chickens once before, and they gave me fine eggs and hours of entertainment.  Living both in town and out here in my little corner of the country predators are abundant and though I love the idea of letting them free range and enjoy everything around them, I know how easy it is for an owl to take a swoop or for a fox or coyote to sneak in to feed their families.   So, for this little group of four buff orpingtons, I purchased a unique little chicken house for these girls.  The Amish Barn Company has all sizes and shapes, and woodworkers could certainly come up with more ideas, but this self contained unit can be moved all around the yard for fresh treats, and the chix have a warm nesting area for when they begin laying.   A friend has offered me a young rooster, which I am thinking about taking.  I have had two roosters before that were loving and protective and at another point there is an interesting story about how quickly the mailman can run, but that will be for another time.     photos by Wanda Callagy

2 thoughts on “A relocation

  1. trail-zen June 24, 2014 / 7:03 pm

    Sooooo cute!!!! Cantcwait to see chickens living there


    • wcallagy June 24, 2014 / 7:20 pm

      I am thrilled. And it is nice to have my bathroom to myself again, too.


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