Never a dull moment here

outside today shadows 008
Up the ladder for a peek to see if anything has changed in the henhouse.
outside today shadows 010
A gate was added today. That is part of Chop Suey in the photo.
outside today shadows 011
a selfie.
outside today shadows 002
Ta-Da! Look at me!
outside today shadows 004
The pen was moved after this photo. During their supper, when all inside, I turned the house around to a fresh spot of grass. I have 3 acres. I wonder how long this will take…
outside today shadows 009
Careful, careful. One step at a time.
outside today shadows 005
These girls will be mixed beige in color and fluffy. They are a docile breed and enjoy being around people.
outside today shadows 021
By the end of summer it won’t look the same.
outside today shadows 017

Today, a little more digging in the dirt and a gate was added to the chix pen.  The guys were here to help and an area will look pretty as I throw in more rocks and add some creeping color there.

The chix are entertainment in themselves, growing quickly and moving all the time.

Better than television.  On to the next project.  Photos by Wanda Callagy

2 thoughts on “Never a dull moment here

  1. loubarkman June 27, 2014 / 11:40 pm

    Who is Chop Suey?


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