Pro Jam #6 (part four of four)

Helsinki Projam 6 284
Kevin Chase
Nikon at projam 6 056
Laront Viczian
Helsinki Projam 6 298
Marty McDermott, Vince Leggiere, and Christopher Chase
Helsinki Projam 6 126
Paul Gabriel with Petey Hop
Helsinki Projam 6 117
Michael Jr Lomaestro
Helsinki Projam 6 227
Wyld Blu
Nikon at projam 6 053
Scott Watson
Helsinki Projam 6 295
Kevin and Christopher Chase, Richard M. Surano, Ken Machesani on stage.

No doubt I have enjoyed these events at Club Helsinki.  They have offered me a chance to meet some new people and to hear and see different musical styles.  I hear another Pro Jam is scheduled around the corner.  Check it out!  Photos by Wanda Callagy

Feedback welcome!

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