To look for

This evening I submitted my thoughts about the new release from the Arthur Holmes  Blues Band to the cool editors at Nippertown.  When I review a  CD I listen to it many, many times.  If another has been written on the CD I want to approach, I make sure I set it aside as to simply  not color my view and read it later.   Slowly, I am ‘getting’ some of the music  terminology.

Simply, I  explain what I can hear just as when I take a photograph to capture an expression when a musician is playing.

Maybe you will be curious and you will like it.  And perhaps you will share it.  Perhaps you will give the band some feedback.

While doing a review, I must listen and focus.  It is a delightful exercise.

CD photos AHBB 006
Arthur Holmes Blues Band newest release, ‘I’m Waiting’




Feedback welcome!

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