At times I make the effort to plan a few things.  I attempt to add a little structure.   It hasn’t been going as I thought it might lately.

I must accept.

I have a “See how it goes’ existence and live in a ‘wait and see world’ at this very moment. This is what my life is all about.   I really thought I could accept total ambiguity.  Hogwash.

It is exciting and scary at the same time.  Wild.  Not What I Thought. But I wonder to myself, is living in the moment, not knowing what is ahead for me really so bad?

So, for now, I just cleaned my house.  I am off to an adventure when I wake up in the morning.

a day with KC 034
A view off Mt Utsayantha

A sense of humor is in order. And I will play some music, all the way along.


Feedback welcome!

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