My gold

This morning I made coffee and ventured to the deck.  I have this urge recently to soak in every moment I can being outside.  I have a simple, messy, yet productive patch of vegetables and I just get so proud when I pick one of those beauties.   Before I could turn around two deer ran through.  They were young and small, and pretended that they did not see me.

I was thinking about yesterday’s events in review.  After visiting the grocery,  I had pulled over into an actual pull-off on Route 23 to take a photo.  I have seen many patches of a tall purple flower (not the invasive nasty species) so  crossed over after many cars passed by.  (You know how that goes.   No one can pass for minutes and then you get out to find a parade).   It was breezy but I took a few and returned to the car.  A man came out of the house nearby and  walked over to me.

“What is so interesting? he says.  This is a sharp turn here.”

I told him I wanted to catch the flowers, and reached out to shake his hand.  I thought maybe he was irritated that it was HIS turnaround.  I told him I like to take pictures, and stop often.

“I was concerned about you getting hit,” he says.  “The cars don’t pay attention here, and I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

We chatted a moment as he reminisced about his 40 years living here in this area, and I left with some fuzzy pictures but feeling good about humanity at that moment.

In that experience about 15 minutes of kindness and communication took place.

yard..and harvest 002
The spaghetti squash will go in the oven this week. I enjoy the yellow squash sautéed with other veggies or in a baked dish with cheese.
yard..and harvest 007
Some fried green tomatoes are on the menu. The color of that leaf filters through that growing space.
yard..and harvest 008
The outskirts.
yard..and harvest 001
“Always Looking Up” is a fast but educational and enjoyable read from Michael J. Fox. He is inspirational for me when my neck aches so. Oh, and by the way. Check out this tree.
yard..and harvest 006
Bees buzzing very loudly this morning. I will stay back and let them do their work.
yard..and harvest 003
This hosta jumped out at me so I had to bring it home. She is hearty and no doubt I will enjoy her next spring with the others. This species does well out here with the wildlife.

I’m thinking it is a darn good Harvest this year.



One thought on “My gold

  1. trail-zen September 7, 2014 / 8:51 am

    what a lovely post to read over my own morning coffee watching the sun filter through the vines on the pergola. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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