A soaking Saturday

2014-09-13 14.54.45
A storefront window of Butternut Valley Books.
2014-09-13 17.22.54
Some great finds!
2014-09-13 14.55.04
Helpful on a drizzly day, in Liberty Rock Books I found a handful of children’s good reads.
2014-09-13 14.52.56
A sign at Adams’ Antiquarian Book Shop
2014-09-13 14.53.40
Folks in the window.

I found some wonderful books today!  I traveled a few miles and visited three of the bookstores in the Book Village of Hobart.  I am always looking for fun children’s books and good quick reads about music.  I love to share books and often give them as a gift.

I may just curl up for the evening and enjoy a chapter or two with a good cup of coffee and some zucchini bread a friend made and sent my way.

For more information about the location of these book stores and specialty shops, look them up on http://www.hobartbookvillage.com.

Feedback welcome!

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