Sailing with a purpose


The Clearwater.  9-11-14 004   The experience I took in learning about the Clearwater gave me a hands on perspective having my feet on that sloop.  This educational classroom sails and spreads the legacy of Pete Seeger who always believed that music could be a catalyst for change..

While sailing,feedback and recent information of some clean-up processes were explained by Manna Jo Greene and her enthusiasm was catching listening to the goals in the days ahead.

Rich Guthrie, a noted bird expert and WAMC radio personality guided us along with binoculars and cameras. The group was able to see both gulls and eagle, and listened and looked for habitat.   We were able to enjoy the sailing as the wind was at our back consistently and the evening was a clear delight after storm clouds rolled by.

The simple mechanics and the beauty of the ship were enthralling.  Watching the crew I gained great respect for sea stories.

In the fashion of Seeger and his friends, musicians  Stephen Smith and Zen Reinhardt encouraged a sing-a-long and music followed us to shore. Most songs were taken from the Clearwater Songbook. Chanteys and sea tales from a different time encouraged many to chime in.

Smith is on the Clearwater board and adds his engineering expertise volunteering his time.  As part of the organization, he is passionate with this cause close to home.

“I came on board in about 1999, after meeting the environmental director.  She encouraged me and I became a part of this,” he said.  “I like being able to accomplish things and be part of this change, part of these ecological projects.”

After safe docking, a dinner was provided with more music and laughter in the gazebo at the Coxsakie Riverside Park.  The event was presented by the North River Friends of Clearwater and the Coeymens Heritage Society.  All photos by Wanda Callagy.

For more information about the Clearwater and all the wonderful ecological programs,



The Clearwater.  9-11-14 153
An eagle swept by. This event on the sloop was the evening of September 11th.
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 080
At the till.
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 019
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 028
Our captain Annika Savio.
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 062
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 180
Manna Jo Greene
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 046
Rich Guthrie
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 063
Knots and ropes
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 116
Stephen Smith
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 144
Zen Reinhardt
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 105
Zen and Stephen
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 056
A blue view
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 023
Towing the line.
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 006
A peaceful moment aboard the Clearwater.
The Clearwater.  9-11-14 184
End of day


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