Blues Induction, Part Two

This second section in ‘for good measure’ is dedicated to the artists I cross paths with and in remembrance of Rick Burgess, one who was certainly there in spirit.  We will remember your voice, energy, and smile.  All photos by Wanda Callagy

2014-09-14 17.20.52
Robin Murray with Joe Candal
2014-09-14 17.21.36
Robin and John O’Rourke.
2014-09-14 17.19.41
Robin with Ken Pallman
2014-09-14 14.31.56
Eddie dancing and the house band!
2014-09-14 17.22.10
Robin and Bruce Mariani.


2014-09-14 13.12.09
Mark McKay
2014-09-14 15.47.53
Robin Murray with Michael Packer, Steven Daub, Fred Tripp and George Deveney
2014-09-14 16.59.53
Thomas Hall
2014-09-14 15.52.28
George Deveney
2014-09-14 18.30.02
Willie Pierce
2014-09-14 15.52.20
Fred Trip
2014-09-14 18.27.53
Dean Kreplin, Sr. and Dennis McCumber
2014-09-14 18.32.29
Willie, Rick, Dean, and Dennis with two others on stage.
2014-09-14 14.55.31
George Boone and Ralph Bowman
2014-09-14 17.10.51
Michael Packer, Richard M. Surrano, Sr, Eb Becton, and Eddie Jackson.
2014-09-14 14.18.43
Eddie Jackson
2014-09-14 16.17.15
Doc Orloff and Tom Metallo
2014-09-14 17.27.29
Ken Pallman
2009-12-19 19.00.54
Doc Orloff and Tom Metallo
2014-09-14 18.23.27
Dean Kreplin, Sr.
2014-09-14 16.21.52
Dominic Priolo
2014-09-14 18.21.31
Willie, Dean, Dennis, Rick, and others.
2009-12-19 17.42.48
George Boone and Ralph Bowman. Drummer?
2014-09-14 15.22.18
Group shot with Joe Mele and Milayne Jackson

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