Who I am and why I am here.

Let’s see.  First of all, I am attempting a writing and photography challenge here to improve my skills,  attain some feedback, and to have a daily focus. I am a woman who is struggling a bit as a part of me is attempting to see myself in a different light.  My sons are now adults, and my role as mom has changed.  Once able to be a strong hands-on nurse, I find that the many years of lifting and moving patients and ‘floor’ work is not possible any more.  After working as a part-time reporter here in a small village in the Catskills many moons ago, after learning some of the ropes working with black and white film, I am frantically taking in the digital age, along with computers, as I was quite proud of my basic typing skills. I became a bit more ‘social’ after being introduced to a wonderful blues network and for the last couple of years, I have taken even more of an interest in photographing artists and I also have been fortunate to do a little bit of traveling. I share all of this in my blog, but also on the social network sites.  I work as a stringer for a couple of local newspapers, and recently have applied at some non-lifting nursing positions, as unfortunately, my last position told me that I must go.  I fight with myself with the desire to keep working, yet knowing that the MIGHTY DOLLAR is not all that important if my health won’t allow me to do what I did.  RETIREMENT hasn’t been a nice thought for me yet.  However, I will get there. Fortunately, I have wonderful siblings and a handful of really good friends.   And many wonderful folks have crossed my path from beautiful Nepal to Memphis to Durand, Michigan where I began growing up.  I am rich. I am here, because in all honesty, at some point I would enjoy being able to publish my music page ‘for good measure’ in a renown music magazine.  I want to show folks in my travel adventures that Stamford, NY can be as visually beautiful as Portugal.  In my ramblings section I want to remember and remind others of the beauty of a friendship lost or gained. My personal journal does not belong here.  The pages there get burned yearly.  The ones I have kept are reminders of lessons learned.  My sons have instructions for them when I pass on. This is why I blog.  Perhaps someday I will finish my children’s book.

One thought on “Who I am and why I am here.

  1. trail-zen November 3, 2014 / 9:51 am

    keep writing, exploring, growing…and don’t worry too much what others think of any of it. Everything we say and do is a part of our own life’s book. You’ve got many, many pages to go….


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