The perfect reader. (who are you?)

What are you like?   As a person? Bright, dull, young, old, artistic, organic, manic, sad? What walks of life do you come from?  What experiences could we share, and can I bring it to the page?

Here, it may just take a moment and read what I say..  Or look at a picture.  Give it a view..

A tiny sliver of me.

When I was young, I spent so many moments listening as my grandmother read to me.  I would sit and stitch on a hankie and watch her read for hours.  She was an avid fan  when I begin to read aloud, and she wrote many long letters in beautiful, tiny, flowing longhand on scented paper.  We would tell long stories from the  postcards she would share from friends’ worldly travels to many distant lands.

Perhaps my perfect reader will have a story or a song or a note for me.



Feedback welcome!

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