Changing themes.

I often do switch up my themes.  I also have taken a category away.  I put ‘for good measure’ in a separate blog.  It really took a lot of time, and yet I was not happy with the results.  I could not completely clear it from ‘long story, short” and folks had to go to two places.  What I actually want to do, dear journalism God, is to run the music page as a magazine slot.  Of course, I cannot be discouraged because I have not pushed it, as in formalizing the idea and presenting it.  I could knock on some doors.  So, it is right here.

One thing these challenges are giving me are a few ideas.  Really.  I feel like I am learning something.  Reading others’ things also gives me permission to take flight.  I have plenty of books and tutorials right here to give me some needed information.  I dread the cold weather but somehow maybe I can use the time in a good way.

One theme I tried before was on black.  Very impressive, if one could read it.  I need light and clear print, myself.  I like the writr  theme I have going.  But, I will experiment.  After all, it is Friday.  Looking through, I will try the Exbound theme for a few days.  I may try to set up a website for my music pages.  Got to think on this more.

Feedback welcome!

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