My world..a summary of 2014

I shall not rant about my intentions for the New Year here.  I am doing my best to hang on to the moment.  Sure, plans galore will be made but most just must be subject to change.

Somehow, Life gets in the way.

I am thankful for that.  Somehow, I survived another birthday, have enjoyed spending time with many family members and friends through the year, and taken in really good music and met so many new people.

I said goodbye to a job and to a family friend dear to me and though accepted, it did not come easy..  However, I said hello, traveling buddy got married, and now I have two traveling buddies.  I spend more time with a now 5 soon to be 6 year old and take in his perspective of life, thanks to his family sharing him a bit with me.  In all honesty, it takes the pressure off my sons.  We don’t discuss grandchildren as yet..

I took a trip to Memphis to see the International Blues Challenge and visited Michigan several times, also seeing a little of PA and CT, where my sons reside.  I found some new beautiful spots right here in New York and in my back yard too.

I planted a fruitful garden and spent hours looking at the stars from my deck.  Pages from all types of books have been read.  I got through a few months without adopting any felines or pups, though I make frequent trips to the shelter to spend a little time to walk dogs and drop off supplies.        I turned on and off the news through the year to take in what is around me, but I spent more time walking in the woods to take in all that I consider is real.    I am encouraging myself daily to keep going through tutorials, take classes, and to practice and practice when it comes to writing, taking photos, submitting freelance articles, and custom framing opportunities.  It is joyful work for me.  I do my best work when I am in the midst of it all.  That in itself is a wondrous discovery.

disc and party inmichigan 1308
At a wonderful birthday party given to me by my siblings. It was fun to hang in the back yard where I grew, and see so many of the people I love! My sons attended and as you may imagine, there was much laughter and silliness at the event!

Here’s to the year of 2015.  Thank you, 2014, for the gifts and lessons.





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