Projects, recipes and chapters

Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

It has been a quiet and cold new year so far.  The wind chill does take one’s breath away and it is difficult to be out for more than a few moments.  I pray that folks are in shelters and animals in warm barns.

Packing a suitcase is not an easy thing.  I like to look at it empty awhile.  This will be my second trip to Memphis to hear and see blues music and for me, with clothing layering is what makes it work.  I always pack mittens.  And I always need sleeves.  This time it is travel by auto.  One camera case with room for a tablet.  Sunglasses.  Surprise starts and stops.  Conversation and as much music as I want to hear.  Maybe a room with a pool two doors down can be found.

In the past few days I have been writing and submitting stories and dealt with computer issues.  I set up a table upstairs to work on photos and a very cool puzzle I received for Christmas.  Lots of natural light and it means less clutter in the kitchen as I decide to bake some of grandma’s cookies.  The kitchen will be all warmed up.

A puzzle.
Plenty to do!

That thought skips by as I pour over pictures of gardening plots and read about bee-keeping and look at the snow whip around out my window.   I realize I have some time yet to dream about spring, and with all of the books and information I have around and in workshops no doubt slated, I believe I  can have another successful planting year.  More adventures to write about!



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