A walk in Memphis

Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

The Orpheum
Looking up into that blue sky, outside of the Orpheum taking a break during the finals @ the International Blues Challenge.
Shadow play while in the city.
Some fine architecture.
In a storefront, I believe in the Peabody complex. I am a lucky duck, too.
Which stairway would you take?
An odd site for me to see. It is not often that you can hang out like this in upstate NY in January. I heard laughter and looked up.
Pansies behind bars. Folks were planting in preparation for spring just around the corner. These looked chilly, but were a delight to see.
A view that took me off guard. I can barely express how seeing this made me feel.
Check out the ‘princess’ in the seat!
Directions: “Take a right and follow the trolley tracks.”
A musical storefront on Beale.

Much to see in the city of Memphis.  The sunshine was an added boost with warmer temps than I am used to this time of year. And, lots of music to hear but that is another story….

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