Joining the class

It is evident I have two blogs.  One is ‘ Long story, short’.   One is ‘for good measure’.   A music page, and a running novelette about my days and what I see.

I have already missed yesterday’s assignment.


I am to pick three concrete goals for my blog(s).

I will keep this brief.


1. Encouragement. Blogging gives me a chance to stay focused and submit something every day.  Not to a deadline or editor, and not as messy as my scribble books.  I look at the world, often with a camera now, and go to listen to music.  Then, I write about it.  It gives purpose.

2. Share ideas.  More personal than a social network post.  When I write on this site, I read others’ work.  Not a novel yet, but I encourage growth in my stuff and with others. I also do not want to be part of some of that drama.


3. Networking also is part of this.  I pick up paying freelance work.  Writing for newspapers makes me a small part of that community.  I can be part of a positive change, right here.  If I do a good review or even just post a good photo that I took perhaps it will draw interest.  I highly recommend music as a healer and writing about it has that perk for me, also.  I have dreams.  I want to ‘hang a show’.  I hope to keep traveling and see the west.  Maybe this summer I can get to a couple of festivals.  I blend in family time and nature walks and ideas about books I may read in the pages.  It is proof.

I can see that I am living.

Feedback welcome!

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