a funny story

By Wanda Callagy

I fall a lot.  I am clumsy.  I also see a great nurse practitioner who has gently and now strongly encourages me to drop weight and get moving again to strengthen the damaged and undamaged parts of me.

Without going in to personal detail, I told her I wanted to go hiking this fall in the West and hoped by then I had met a great new hiking partner/boyfriend/soul mate along the way.  The travels could be even more adventurous!

So, she asks me if I have a plan.  I give her details of my low dairy and non sugar diet with juicing once a week and my work out details.

She smiles and says, “No, I meant have you joined one of those dating places or something?”

I told her, ‘no’…that I just keep quoting Jackson Browne.  “looking for a lover that won’t blow my cover..(he’s ) so hard to find”….

We went back to talk about swimming.

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