My first spring walk

I celebrated the warm weather yesterday by throwing open those windows and I went out to survey the greenery around my little space.  Definitely a little elbow grease will be in order along with those never-ending lists.  I have seeds on order and making animal decisions.  Chicks and a couple of sheep?  Neither?  Just a couple of hens for eggs?

Still some snow, yup, on the back forty.
That is my wild beast, Spice, checking out her shadow. She has not seen it in awhile.
a little green
My land is posted.
Some spring has sprung.

As I wandered I realized I will need to get some ‘tree people’ in here as I don’t have a chain saw and don’t climb on ladders.  My arms can tell I raked  and with the combination of the sun, the outside air and hearing some great blues music last night, it was really a great way to celebrate the season. With an open window I heard birds this morning calling me up for another day  and that first cup of coffee.

Feedback welcome!

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