Stamford Library Children’s Book Club

By Wanda Callagy

This read has simple instructions to set up a compost spot.
Check out this contest!
Many farming books to look at.
In honor.
We’re open!
Visit us!
My favorite.
Llamas and roosters, hens and goats, lambs and calves, and a wild pony or two just may entertain you.

I invite you all ages 6-12 to join me for a book club.  It is easy and fun.  Stop by for an hour.  Parents are welcome.  We are getting this new program off the ground and I want you to stop by.  Since it is dairy month in June and gardening all summer,


I want to keep with the dairy and farming theme for younger participants, and I will find something else for the older readers.  Our next meeting is on Wednesday, July 15th at 4PM.  I will remind you with posters and more information.  If you want to share ideas, just e-mail me at the library.  Find a book to read and talk about.  Tell me if you like it.  Tell me why.

It is good to have a book at your side for a rainy day.  I know many of you will be attending camps and playing sports.  I would enjoy hearing about your summer adventures.

Check out all the other groups and ideas the library has to offer!  Books, board games, knitting, more books, videos, CDs, big print books, children’s activities and computer time.  And, so much more.

Feedback welcome!

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