A Writeshop

Join me this next Wednesday!   I will be at the Stamford Village Library @10:30am for a new program for youth ages 6-12.  Do you enjoy writing down a funny story?  Do you have new camping adventures from the summer?  Perhaps you want to send a letter to grampa, or you want to make your own joke book.    Supplies are provided as pencil and paper are the tools we need..bring your ideas and I will be there with a listening ear and a dictionary.   This week we may talk about your summer so far.  Do you swim?  Do you have animals for the fair?  Do you explore your neighbor’s woods with permission?

“Every hero has a story!”
The Stamford Village Library, 117 Main Street, Stamford, NY, 12167. Call this number for questions regarding their programs @607-652-5001. Check out their FB page!

Do you know the library has all kinds of new programs?  Book clubs to study groups to a chess club to knitting.   Something for all ages and interests.   Find something there for you!

Feedback welcome!

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