My farm

You know, really the title may be silly  and very misleading. I don’t own many animals. Three cats  chose to live here with me and I suffer from canine loss. I am determined not to go there as far as taking in more animals for awhile, anyway.  I need time.  Maybe add two hens for eggs after some work is done on the barn by fall, later.  Nothing like fresh eggs and spirited, active hens clucking and dancing out the window.

This spot here offers a desk and a small kitchen and a deck to see the stars.  I call it my gentlewoman’s farm.  After recently reading the book I started up some “Compost Stew”and am cleaning out the storage part of the barn (why do I need all this stuff?) The ferns came in beautifully and there is a nice balance of sun and shade all around me.  This I take in over coffee in the early morn these days.

See some pictures of my little garden and my watering duck, a gift from T-man and his mom and Lyla and Herbie.

Lettuce is growing here with tomato, squash of all types  and bell  peppers.  I buy fresh locally at stands.  The  blueberry farm has opened in Grand Gorge and on my list. The strawberries near Middleburg were wonderful this year.  I had none left to freeze after picking.  That is the fun of it.

Having a herb box  I use many in medicinal teas.  Wild violet, lavender, sage (I burn) and others can be found in the woods and I do have a great book  and identify first, and know this to be a good idea.  I also splurged on a couple of varieties new to me while purchasing more creeping perennials

Watering duck. Note matching gloves with a touch of blue.
Colorful lettuce.
Glass ornament surrounded by wild tomato.

to add to the rock garden. It is a weakness! I spend hours on the deck.  Sometimes I blast the music in the evenings.  Most times  listening to the night sounds coming in I crave.  I transplant many things and I putter close by  and am awaiting tree people to assist me with some limbs.

To pursue my earlier goals of adding many chickens, some miniature goats, and a lamb is a bit unsettling. Besides company they would be  for eggs, and to mow the property, moving around pens.  I get my magazines out..remember last winter.  I became a wimp.  I did not want to go out.  For days.  Pipes scared me and froze.    I barely made it to the barn a couple of times, imagining myself frozen  in time and I have pajamas on under my heavy coat, hat, and mittens.  Should have used the snowshoes.  Anyway, much tending.  I weigh this with my urge to travel.  Family, friends, music, projects, thrift shops, more music…so many books..lots of paths to take. Options can bring hope.

Last winter I got away to Memphis and other warmer places and had a good friend watch the place.  Another took the pup while I was off to the blues world there.  No worries.

Admittedly  being able to have the freedom to travel if I want to is very new. I make time for other interests, but at my own pace. This home is a comfort spot, a haven.  Cats are good company and they chase critters. Yet, if I want to visit and stay over for the fireworks, I can. Felines can be haughty, distant and independent, but welcome me back after enjoying their alone time. Traveling includes foreign lands or a different perspective around the block for me.

A home that nurtures. This is what this spot in the woods is.  Some place to be shared but also a hidey-hole.   I guess I CAN call it my gentlewoman’s farm after all.  I am seeking and growing and always learning (yes, over and over) and healing and as nature also reminds us to stay in the moment, I do.

Feedback welcome!

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