Artwork given to me by my old friend. Yvonne Williams, the artist.

I have been fortunate to work as a nurse for over thirty years. Despite the multiple changes in the field, my career was highlighted by being able to work with great teams.

Small hospitals gives one an opportunity to become a ‘jack of trades’ and I loved hands on care the best.

My patients always were the bottom line in my efforts. Crazy schedules and numerous holiday hours kept me running when raising my sons.

However, it is time for me to let go of that slice in my life. I make myself available for some assist with friend’s family issues, but I no longer feel that I want to do much more.

So, with that decision, I am stepping away. My respect to all in this sometimes tough field.

Time for me now to write, and take some photos, and listen to music along with my gardening endeavors.

Thanks always to those that shared their time with me.
Excuse me now while I switch my focuses and oh, the books ahead to be read! I can travel anywhere I want to go in them!

Adding a smile….to you.

Feedback welcome!

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