2015 A personal review

“Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I go through my journals and notes each year to get ready to burn away the negative and find story ideas that slipped away on me. Lord knows, I have plenty of fodder. It is well known I enjoy music and the arts around me as well as nature adventures at my Gentlewoman’s Farm. I support railroad history and belong to two volunteer non-profits, both here in NY and in Michigan. I enjoy the company of my two sons when I can and have family both here and in Michigan where I began growing. Add a handful of close friends and a little romance and I am a lucky woman. Though I lost my last canine rescue this year I have three cats who found me that keep me company along with the wild critters and birds here in the woods. I hope to add bees and chicks to the farm in the spring, designing some upgrades to the barn to make things more manageable and warm. Oh, I dream of an alpaca and a pup too, but one step at a time.
After two years of torturing myself I finally decided to retire from my nursing career of 32 plus years and perhaps the hardest part of the year was losing a beloved brother in law due to cardiac issues. Dallas was his name, and gave my sister and our family great joy for over 10 years. He had a witty sense of humor, loved Dylan, and a gifted photographer who shared his talents with so many. In the middle of experiencing his loss, I received a phone call from my eldest son, the chef, who was in the burn unit in Mercy in Pittsburgh with a 3rd degree burn on his ankle and was due to have a skin graft after the infection cleared. His father and I made it down lickety split, though I am certain my broom would have been faster. He healed up quite nicely and learned about pain and we were all grateful as it could have been so much worse. The staff took quite good care of him. We had rooms close by and could come in and out…I took lots of street scene shots on my way back and forth of that area of the city.
I have kept up with my blogging and submit to Albany’s on-line entertainment magazine, and do some freelance work with local papers. I added more flowers around the house and herbs to my herb bed. I bought a slider swing for my deck with some birthday money along with a fine new pair of sneakers for long walks on the trails and my treadmill.
No international traveling took place this year unless you count traveling through Canada on my way to Michigan but I was back and forth there to support family and to be on hand for railroad projects. Here, I spent time as I could with my bud T-man and at the library devouring children’s books. I bought a second hand red flyer to hit the trails with this spring, and have actually been simplifying my electronics.
Today I am on the upswing of some health issues and look forward to a quiet new year. A phone conversation with my director in Santa Rosa will suffice and a movie with my son will be my New Year’s Eve. I hope to visit the other son in the next few weeks to see a martial arts competition.
I welcome the new year ahead, to be filled with surprises and gains and losses. I dream of peace, and believe in it.

Feedback welcome!

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