Views in my yard

Truly for me adding these chickens to my life weighs in as all good.  I spend moments smiling at their antics and celebrate their growth.  So far these dozen creatures follow some direction to fresh food and water at dusk so that I can completely close them into a safe place. They are not big enough to fend for themselves and need supervision.  I have gotten caught up on naming them.  The black and white australorps are each different in their markings.  However, the beige and brown buff orpingtons  are about the same size, and will be more difficult to tell apart.

One little birdy has crooked feet…I named him ‘Crook’.  Yes, he also is a rooster, developing a unique comb.

One male with eleven hens.  I advanced them two by two to the chicken tractor just a week ago.  They had begun flapping their wings and they seemed too crowded in the dog crate.  I took them out each day, to a different place for fresh air and grass.

My kitchen is quieter now without them in the corner.

Words and photos by Wanda Callagy

June 10,2016




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