A Celebration

The sky is breathtaking and it is a holiday weekend.  We  celebrate independence day and I enjoyed a birthday.  A chance to make the time we have more meaningful and focused.   Young I was convinced it all was for me. The parade, the fireworks.

Actually in my household it was a big deal to chose your birthday dinner.  It was all about you.  I always asked for something off the grill.

Yesterday I had breakfast with a friend, and a late lunch with my son here.  He visited with the chickens and observed my home improvements.  What a difference!   I opened a gift that came in the mail and planted some flowers.

I do keep busy with my small garden and the chickens.   There is a pleasant routine to keep to.  Painting the inside of the chicken’s corner of the barn will be done in the next two weeks with assist of T-man so they can move in there.  The tractor then goes in the yard.

Back to the Y this week to swim.  I can tell I need to stretch more with doing some work and the laps and dog paddle I do really makes a difference.  It is important.


I actually looked at these photos in video form.   Every corner of this little home offers me a new discovery.  I have a great little workbench and wild daisies.  Folks indulge me with chicken gifts which surround me in nature.   In a month I will have beans and zucchini.

Along with the back deck and the stars at night, I have live music available most evenings to hear.  Life is good here on the Gentlewoman’s Farm.





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