Are you challenging to be part of the IBC?

It is time for yet another group of blues musicians to compete for the IBC. See you at the Linda on August 6….

for good measure

IMG_4512 Jeremy Walz and Dick Earl Ericksen

IMG_4775 Fade to Blues. Memphis, 2015.

By Wanda Callagy

    I congratulate you all for playing at the Linda this evening as you attempt to win a trip to Memphis.

    As a writer, I have a view from two years of visits there. When I joined up with the Capital Region Blues Network I met Tas Cru and Jeremy and Steve Smith and they  introduced me to so much musically through the network. I decided I should go to take in the experience myself.The first year I went I stayed a mile out and took a shuttle in.  I was on Beale Street for the week, and was there to remember Martin Luther King’s birthday and being right there for part of opening night at the Rum Boogie.  A week of late jams.

    Last year, it was a road trip with Leslie Barkman as she auditioned as a soloist. …

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